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Yoga,Meditation and Birth Work: A love story.

My love for yoga started over twelve years ago when I took my first yoga class. The instructor had us lay on our backs and stretch out our right leg with a strap, afterwards we compared it to the left leg that had not yet been stretched and it was noticeably longer, I was sold! It translated as an immediate form of personal growth. I soon began to notice that it was only yoga that gave me the ability to energize my body while quieting my mind,......and quieting my mind had been a quest of mine.

As a flight attendant I have had the opportunity to experience yoga all over the world. In 2013 I did my teacher training in beautiful Costa Rica for three weeks near a rain Forest while watching monkeys play amongst the trees, it was amazing. Though yoga is my core foundation, I’m also extremely  passionate about the philosophy of yoga, that has lead me to many branches. These branches have best supported me to keep the stillness within when off the mat.

Fast forward a few years later after meeting my husband, getting married and becoming pregnant a new love affair with birth work began. During my own pregnancy, where personal growth was at the core of my experience and my mind and body connection needed to be nourished it was the support outlets surrounding pregnancy and birth that kept me grounded. I became obsessed with everything surrounding pregnancy, labor and birth; podcast’s, documentaries, maternal health care, personal stories of pregnancy, labor and birth experiences. While diving into this birth work for my own knowledge I quickly knew becoming a Doula and birth worker was a new passion of mine. I was blown away by not only all the information I had learned but also by the collective strength among women during pregnancy, labor and birth. Pregnancy is powerful mixed with tenderness, joy, beauty and intimacy, but it’s also a time when worry, doubt and anxiety can creep in. It’s in those moments that we need the most support, to be reminded of our resilience, our boldness and our power. Birth will unfold in the way it is destined to do, but we have the right to be supported in our choices, decisions and visions regardless of the outcome. 

My philosophy, style and role as a Doula- As a Yoga Instructor I often remind students that the practice of yoga is their own personal experience and I am gratefully here to support and guide them through it. My role as your Doula is the same. I am here to support you, your partner and your birth team have the best experience possible during your birth, but this is your moment. I provide emotional support, physical support with massage and Reiki, while helping to create the kind of birthing environment that makes you and your partner feel safe and comfortable to bring your baby into the world. I will help you make informed decisions, know your options, and be supportive of your visions, but most importantly I am here to remind you of your power and the beauty of birth. 

“I don’t care what kind of birth you have, I care that you have options, I care that you feel supported”-January Harshe

With my guided support and personal conquering of practices such as meditation, journaling, manifesting and vision boards, I provide great resources to assisting in connecting to your best “you”. As a dedicated follower of new age thinkers, spiritual teachers, motivational speakers, and a current student of a course in Miracles, I’m committed to supporting my clients on their Journey of personal growth from their bodies to most areas of their lives.