When Toni first discussed the idea of her being my Doula, I thought to myself: I don't really need a Doula. After all, why would I need a personal cheerleader, another voice that I will undoubtedly be fed up with when the pain hits me. I had my first child ( naturally, without intervention or drugs) without the assistance of a Doula and I was skeptical that I needed one. Nevertheless, I decided to be open to the idea because knowing Toni, she could only make it better. Fast forward to my 3rd trimester. I was experiencing a lot of hip pains. It affected me so much that at times I could barely walk. When I told Toni, she came up to see me to show my husband and I different techniques we could try to alleviate the pain. With her help, I felt better instantly. Toni would call me often to check on me and see how I was doing physically and mentally. She spent hours with my husband and I preparing us for the birth. She wanted to know our plans, she educated us on some exercise moves that would prove helpful during labor.
Toni drove to the hospital during bad weather conditions to help me have my baby. When she got there, I instantly felt more comforted and calm. She spoke with the doctors and nurses and she spoke with my husband and mother. She was a natural. She helped me “move the baby down”. We started walking around the maternity ward. We did exercises that would help the baby descend. She played calming music, the smell of the aroma of lavender was comforting. She told me my body was meant to do this. “One breath at a time and you will soon meet your baby”. Due to all the steps she introduced to me, and the lessons she taught, the birthing process was easier. This time around, I didn’t need to push for 40 minutes. The baby had descended to the point that I only needed a small push for him to be born. 
I would highly recommend Toni because she is awesome. She made a skeptic like me a believer. My mother, my husband and the nurses where all in awe of her. 

-Mercy Frank, Birthing Client

Meeting Toni shifted the negative internal dialogue that I would have with myself that consisted of words such as "I can't", "I will never", and "I am not good enough".  She helped me to understand that my negative thoughts were in the way of my happiness and my life was a reflection of my negative thinking. Toni is an amazing coach with patience, knowledge, and is determined to help you change your life into the vision you have set for yourself.  I met with Toni four times a month, over 6 months.  With her guidance, I now keep a gratitude journal where I jot down ideas that support my vision as well as remind myself of all the great things I already have in my life.  I also signed up for a gym, changed my diet, and started practicing yoga with her privately. My life, my thinking, and how I see myself in the world has changed thanks to Toni's coaching. If you're considering a life coach to support you with any area of your life, big or small, I highly recommend Toni.


Toni is a natural teacher and is a great person to have as an instructor. She is dedicated to making sure that your form is proper and suggesting new poses and ways to improve your practice (and make it more challenging!) Her style incorporates strength building but also relaxation and stretching which is a great balance. Her compassion and dedication to the practice is remarkable!

Anita Lok

Toni is one of the best yoga instrutor's I ever had! Her calming words and inspirational attitude creates an atmosphere for self growth, emotionally and physically. Toni incorporates challenging poses with proper modifications for one’s skill level and physical abilities, making it a great experience for all levels. She is an instructor who loves her work and it shows brightly in her teachings. I highly recommend her! 

Jenn Sunkin