Yoga Sessions Private & Group

Beginners, advanced or just to relax, Yoga is a great practice to quiet the mind and energize the body. I will guide you through a yoga session tailor made to fit your specific needs.  


Birth Doula Services 

 A Doula is someone who provides emotional, physical and educational support to you and your partner during labor and delivery based on your specific needs. We will have one or more prenatal visit's where we talk about and go over your birth plan. I provide you with evidence base information to help you make informed decision's around your birthing experience and help to create an environment that supports the bonding of you and your partner. As a Doula I will meet you at your home when you go into labor or the hospital based on your preference and stay with you up to 2 hours after delivery. We will then have a postpartum visit after birth up to 3 moths later to process your birth experience and to go over anything to support you in your new role. Doula’s are not medical professionals, we work solely for you as a birth worker. We are allowed in hospitals and anywhere birthing is allowed, most larger hospitals also allow us in the O.R during C-sections. 


Guided Meditation

allow me to guide and assist you in creating an amazing meditation practice. Whether its individual or apart of your yoga session, I can support you in building a strong relationship with meditation that brings you stillness and joy within.


Personal Growth   Coaching Packages

Providing support and guidance on your journey, with the practice of yoga, meditation, journaling, manifesting and creating vision boards that represent desires, hopes and dreams in all area's of your life. Packages include monthly plans based on home yoga sessions and one on one get together's where we focus on raw honest journaling. We drop self judgment, uncover fears and replace them with gratitude.